Sing America is
a surefire way for parents and teachers to teach United States Geography to their children and students. It is a musical program on compact disc written for children ages five through ten. Children learn how to spell the states, where each state is located, and various attractions each state has to offer. Included is a lyric booklet and a color coded map.

Shayne Warren , songwriter and licensed psychotherapist (specializing in early childhood development), has written over 50 songs that grab the interest and imagination of kindergarten through third grade students. The six characters (Professor Patty and the five Geography Club Kids) take us through all 50 states with singing and dialog. Sing America incorporates the three major ways children learn: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The kids listen and sing as they follow  their map (by region and state). They laugh with the characters and move their bodies to the music as they learn geography, spelling, and U.S. history. The songs feature vacation spots such as Glacier Park in Montana, and Lake Champlain in Vermont. Annual events like the rodeo in Marmarth, North Dakota and the World Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart, Arkansas are woven into the program. We've also highlighted some of the states' favorite sons and daughters (i.e. Betsy Ross, Martin Luther King and Benjamin Franklin).

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Lidia Aceves - editing supervision and executive production.

Actress and vocalist Brenda Madison brings her considerable talent to the part of Professor Patty, the delightful  teacher/narrator.

Bobby Crew handled the recording, arranging and co-production tasks.

Artist/sculptor Bernard Perroud illustrated all six characters and the Sing America map.

Sing America is a brand new product. Production was completed in December of 2001.

What Teachers Say

With the current nationwide push to improve the quality of education and raise test scores, it’s never been more important that our children become proficient in geography. A prototype of this program has been used at Farragut Elementary school in Culver City, CA and Grant Elementary in Santa Monica, CA. It was a huge success.
"An imaginative and highly effective way to teach geography that involves students in the auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic learning modes. Sing America was a hit at our school and I know kids all over the country will love it."
------- Carrie Tokunaga, kindergarten teacher, Farragut Elementary, Culver City, CA.

"Sing America uses wonderfully creative and entertaining songs to teach U.S. geography by region and state. The program fills a real need in today's geography curriculum: Kids learn and have fun - what could be better than that?"
------- Karen Hausman, second grade teacher, Farragut Elementary, Culver City, CA.

"I was amazed at how much information about the U.S. my students were able to learn and retain…..Sing America is a very timely program given the current nationwide interest and need to increase geography knowledge in the new millennium."
------- Julie Levi, third grade teacher, Farragut Elementary, Culver City, CA.

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